PiXL Power to Perform - Cooking Recipes

PiXL Power to Perform - Cooking Recipes

Mark LloydPiXL Power to Perform is all about what students are eating and how we can use food to enhance their performance, concentration and energy. Resources available include: 

• 20 recipes designed especially by chef Mark Lloyd, all including ingredients that will enable students to feel fuller for longer and perform well. We hope that you try out some of these recipes, cooking them at home.

We hope that by using these recipes, students may find a way through a very tough and daunting period and be better prepared in handling the pressure and stress that comes with it. Perhaps some of these cooking ideas will help create a mindset where they believe that they can achieve.

This booklet contains all of the recipes that Mark Lloyd designed for PiXL. 

Happy cooking!  

PiXL Power to Perform - Cooking Recipes

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