Overview, Learning Journeys and Curriculum

Overview, Learning Journeys and Curriculum

If you would like to know any more about the curriculum at Beacon High, please email postbox@beaconhigh.org.

The Beacon High Curriculum Vision 2022 - 2023

Learning journey

We are excited to share our curriculum offer from Year 7 to Year 11 with you. Our subject teams have developed subject specific Learning Journeys. These have been updated in light of the time we missed in face to face teaching throughout periods of school closures in 2019-2021. Alongside these, we have also written overview statements about our KS3 curriculums in each subject taught.

We hope that these Learning Journeys communicate clearly an outline of what your child should expect to learn throughout their time at Beacon High in every subject. Of course, these are not extensive but offer an overview; they are also subject to change. 

Below is also an overview of the qualifications that we will offer for future year groups up to GCSE level. Depending on your child's aspirations, ability and choice, they will study a selection of these subjects:

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Beacon High Learning Journey Y7 11

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