The Wing

The Wing is our new SEND provision at Beacon High, created to help students with additional needs find a place where they can belong, and where they can thrive. 

We recognise that there a number of students who do not fit the criteria for a special needs school, but who have struggled to find a place in another mainstream setting. At the Wing they will be able to receive the close support network and personalised provision that you might expect in a special needs school, while still being able to access all the qualifications and breadth of curriculum of a mainstream school. We work closely with students and their families to create individual timetables for each student. A range of small group classes tailored to their specific needs and interests will supplement the time spent in the mainstream lessons they have chosen to attend. 

Similarly, alongside the typical GCSE qualifications they will be able to work towards, a number of alternative qualifications will also be on offer. Some of these, for instance, will be awarded not on the basis of a single end of year exam, but on a portfolio of evidence gathered by the student throughout the year.  

Please take a look through this brochure for more information.

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