Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Believe, Belong, Become - Where dreams inspire futures

Beacon High is a school where young people can realise their dreams and ambitions.

It is a school where we believe in whole education; success in exams is crucial but so too is developing the whole child. We know that our students come to us from primary school with a vision of where they want to be and what they want to become; we have future plumbers, doctors, artists, pilots, hairdressers, vets, entrepreneurs and so the list goes on. Whilst this may change in the coming years, at Beacon High our mission to ensure that our students continue to look to the future and understand what they need to do in order to be successful.

This is true for all students, no matter what their starting points. Beacon High is a fully inclusive school and we actively embrace difference and diversity in all their manifestations. Some students can and do go on to secure the top grades in every subject they study and follow a path which takes them through university and beyond to be the leaders in their chosen field. Others will pursue their sporting dreams and compete at the highest level. Others will develop their practical skills and secure apprenticeships in trades which will make them highly sought after in the workplace.

What we do is ensure that whatever their skills and talents, students are on the right path and leave us poised for the next stage with the appropriate qualifications, skills and a belief in themselves which will take them far beyond their school years.

From vision to reality:

We are a welcoming school and act with honesty and integrity. Staff believe in the students, students believe in each other so that we have a cohesive, harmonious community where young people from all walks of life, learn and play together and build friendships which endure long after they have left the school.

A curriculum which is designed for individuals, recognising that one model cannot possibly meet the needs of everyone. Like the best independent schools, we are able to tailor the curriculum because we know our students well.

All students will have a core curriculum which covers the basics of English and Maths, a good grasp of which are essential in all walks of life; we all need to communicate well and understand the maths involved in our everyday life as well in so many jobs.

Beyond this core, students will have a bespoke curriculum which builds on their talents and aspirations. Some will follow a highly academic route which will lead them on a traditional route to the top universities; others may well have a more skills based approach which will enable the students to apply their education in a very practical way and place them in a prime position to access highly sought after apprenticeships; and some will pursue sporting excellence and compete in elite sport.

Depending on the chosen pathway, students may have a very different working day; some may be studying horticulture and spending time with experts; others will be working on studying practical maths for carpentry and some will be very much classroom based with a rigorous academic focus.

Learning is at the heart of our school and not just in traditional ways. Whilst books and internet resources will continue to play a part in the way we work, our students access so many more tools to support them. We have our own farm, keeping chickens and rabbits; we work with a range of partners to give our students access to the real world beyond school; we have sports facilities which are the envy of the local area.

Achievement is key in every aspect of the curriculum. No one path is easier or harder than another, it’s just different!  Our students will be expected to pursue excellence and not just become a plumber or a lawyer but the best plumber or lawyer. Our students are ambitious for themselves and for what they can contribute in the future. They know that hard work will reap rewards and enable them to have the future they desire.

Resilience and resolve are key to success in the future. They are not afraid of challenge, they are willing to try something new and they know that failing is one of the best ways to learn. We actively build these traits in our students because they will face fierce competition in the world beyond school and they need to compete along with the best.

It is tough growing up in the twenty first century where the future is insecure in so many ways; where the jobs market is changing so rapidly; where violent crime is rising and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.  It is not surprising, therefore that some young people are overwhelmed by the challenges and need additional support to help them steer their way through the teenage years. We have a network of highly skilled professionals (including a therapy dog) to support them and help them refocus on their future.

Students at Beacon High are known individually by the staff and no one is left behind.

Our pastoral structures ensure that everyone has an adult who knows them well and will notice if something is not right.

When things do go wrong, the school is quick to act and uses a restorative approach to managing poor behaviour. We want our young people to understand the impact they have on others and take responsibility for their own conduct to maintain the calm and orderly environment.

We broaden horizons and encourage our young people to think beyond their immediate community. We want them to engage in projects where they will be working for the greater good and developing an understanding of their role in the world. With this in mind, students will be active fundraisers and have established links with schools and young people across the globe.

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