Chromebooks for All


Beacon High has signed up to the 'Chromebooks for All' scheme which allows all of our students to purchase a brand new Lenovo 100e Chromebook that retails at £250 for just £100. Parents can either pay the £100 in full or spread the cost interest-free over 10 months, paying just £10 per month. Students who are entitled to Free School Meals will receive a further reduction, paying £50 or £5 per month.

Students will then be able to use their Chromebook both in school and at home. We want all of our students to benefit from this scheme as it provides your child/ children with the tools to accelerate their learning. However, we do understand that there may be some families who, even at the discounted price, do not want to purchase a Chromebook. Therefore we have also set up a 'free rental' scheme. Essentially parents can pay a deposit of £50 and this is returned when their child hands back the Chromebook at the end of each academic year (the free rental devices cannot be taken home over the summer break).

We anticipate that most parents will prefer to purchase rather than rent, as their child will then be able to keep their Chromebook for use at college or university once they have left Beacon High. The purchased Chromebooks also have lesser restrictions on apps (for example Netflix and Youtube) so that families can use them freely in the evening.

Whether students choose to buy their own Chromebook or rent one, we expect students to bring their devices to school every day so that they can be used in lessons. Having their own Chromebook will support students with independent learning and give easy access to a range of supportive platforms such as GCSEPod, BBC Bitesize and MathsWatch. 


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