Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Curriculum PolicySafeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Pupil Premium 2019-20 Review and 2020-21 Strategy

Pupil Premium Outline and Statement 2020/2021

CEIAG Policy

Careers and Progression Provision

GDPR Privacy Notice for Students

Charges and Remissions Policy

Equalities Statement

Data Protection Policy

RSE Policy

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy including Remote Learning and Education Updates - 2020/2021
Our policy's contents are as follows:

1. The School Vision – page 3

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment including Remote Education and Marking and Feedback updates (January, 2021) – pages 4-17 

3. Inclusion including Behaviour for Learning– pages 17-22 

4. Assessment - pages 23 - 26 

5. Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum – pages 27 -29 

6. Reducing Teacher Workload and Wellbeing including CPD – pages 29 -32 

7. Appendices – pages 33-51  

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

How To Guide - Parent Workshop January 2021


If you are not satisfied or have concerns about any aspect of our practice, please let us know.  You will always be listened to and your complaint will be treated seriously.  We will do our best to resolve the situation.

Please contact Tierney Gilbert with your complaints or concerns: tierney.gilbert@beaconhigh.org

Complaints Policy 2019-20

Complaints Policy 2019-20 - Summary for Parents

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