Year 11

Year 11

Year 11 Progression Work - Project Futures by PiXL

Dear Year 11,
Please see attached some materials that we hope will help you to focus on the next steps of your education. The Ofqual decision to not require further GCSE work creates an exciting opportunity for Year 11 learning this half term and we strongly encourage students to make the most of it. This is called Project Futures and has been designed by PiXL.
What is Project Futures?
  • A set of progression sheets to help you study for your Post-16 subject content
  • A balance between academic material and a focus on helping you adjust and prepare for September
How Project Futures Works
  • You select a progression sheet that interests you and choose the task/s that you want to complete
  • There are subject specific sheets and wider skills sheets focusing on social and emotional 'progression'
  • You complete the 'Progression Log' which logs what you have learned and your own next steps
  • You create an online portfolio/or keep records of this which shows some of your thinking and work for a later date, including CV writing, as an example
Who Is It For?
  • Year 11 students who are about to go onto Post-16 courses - there are subject specific progression sheets
You will see that there are points attributed to each task. This is part of a larger project that we had not started with you so please ignore the points system and focus on the tasks themselves.
We hope that in sharing these with you, you can find some focus and enable yourself, as far as possible, to be prepared to embark on your studies post-Beacon High. We know that not all of you were considering, or applying for A Level courses, and that is absolutely okay. There may still be something within this pack of resources to interest you and engage you.
If you have any questions, please contact me on: emma.good@beaconhigh.org 
Thank you,
Ms. Good

Year 11 Science - Key Information

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