Free online courses for Islington based parents

Free online courses for Islington based parents

Did you know that Islington Council has invested in online courses for parents/carers and staff about children’s physical, emotional and brain development* ? These courses are therefore FREE for residents of Islington! These courses don’t lecture, they explain psychological and neuroscience in jargon free bite sized chunks. Highly recommended for all!    

How to access the courses:

·       Visit the ‘Our Place’ website here

·       Click on ‘Start now: Buy courses or apply code’

·       Enter access code: Bright start

·       Enter your information and postcode

·       Start your course!

Ø  Understanding your pregnancy birth labour and your baby

Ø  Understanding your baby

Ø  'Understanding your child’ 0-19 years (main course) and/or

Ø  'Understanding your teenager's brain' (short course)

*Evidence based. Accredited.

** GDPR compliant. The provider (Solihull Approach in collaboration with HEIApply) will never reveal your details to anyone. Sign in to resume the course anytime, 24/7.

Any questions please contact Julia Bleet (julia.bleet@islington.gov.uk)

For any technical queries please contact solihull.approach@heartofengland.nhs.uk or 0121 296 4448 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Online course for parents - Are you a new parent

Online course for parents - Are you expecting a baby

Online course for parents for children 0-19 years old

Online courses for parents understanding your teenagers brain

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