Commitment to Learning

Your child will receive a Commitment to Learning (C2L) grade in their reports each term; this grade informs you about your child's effort and commitment to the following aspects of their learning at Beacon High.

Your child will also receive this commitment to learning grade verbally and in response to learning in lessons and home learning by their teachers, in each subject that they study:

  • My participation and behaviour for learning
  • My attitude to practice and perseverance
  • How I respond to challenge and learning risks
  • Asking and answering questions
  • My attitude to mistakes
  • How I act on feedback
  • Ready for learning – equipment
  • My home learning

It is the expectation that your child will endeavour to attain C2L grade 5 across all of their subjects. This would mean that your child thrives and is active in their learning, because of positive behaviour and efforts to make the best possible progress, irrespective of their starting points.

If your child receives feedback that tells them their C2L grade is a 5; it also means that your child works independently and tries hard, practising until they get their learning right: your child does not give up!

Your child also, to achieve a grade 5 for commitment to learning, likes challenge and takes risks in their learning, discussing with their peers the progress they are making because of this. Your child will also ask questions and attempt to answer questions in each subject they study.

Further to this, your child is resilient, listens to, acts on the verbal and written feedback provided by their teacher, and peers consistently. They are prepared for every lesson and complete home learning to the highest possible standard.

We anticipate that all of our students have the ambition to, and try to, achieve a C2L grade 5.

C2L Descriptors

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