Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team

‘We are what we believe.’ Nike Running

As Student Leaders at Beacon High we will strive to display all LORIC behaviours: leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, communiaton.  We will also uphold the expectations of being safe, ready and respectful every day, in every situation. This manifesto and commitment is going to drive significant change for students at Beacon High. 

As the Student Leadership Team we guarantee to empower and support the school community. In our school we believe every student has a voice; students can give opinions and contribute to the future and development of the school. Our school is diverse and this is why we will be patient and will invest our time into every student to improve the quality of the experience they have here. We stand for inclusivity.

We are responsible for how the school presents and is represented. Student Leaders form an integral part of the student voice process and the introduction of a true School Council will ensure that we have the opportunity to meet regularly with the teachers and Senior Leadership Team to effect real positive change that we believe is necessary. Our Student Leadership Team will be diverse and representative of our student body. 

The Student Leadership Team will:

  • Make sure every child feels safe and welcome in school.
  • Support students to feel ready and prepared for secondary school.
  • Help to identify areas of school which would benefit from improvement.
  • Raise issues which are a cause of concern.
  • Gather students' views on aspects of school life by liaising through the year group School 
         Council Representatives.
  • Present students' views at School Council meetings so that these can be fed back to the school's
          Leadership team.
  • Promote the academic progress and achievements of all students regardless of ability to 
         increase motivation, resilience and confidence.
  • Ensure that all students have excellent communication skills to allow them to access all areas of
         school life.
  • Represent the student body positively in all interactions with guests and on external trips and 

As student leaders we are ambitious and have great aspirations to ‘Believe. Belong. Become’.

Student Leadership Team


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