Independent Learning and PiXL Edge

Independent Learning and PiXL Edge


Independent learning 

At Beacon High, we endeavour to use evidence-informed practice and research in order to provide the most effective types of learning tasks to advance our students’ overall progress and attainment. 

Evidence suggests that the most effective forms of independent learning should relate, as far as possible, to the learning completed during lessons as well as being an integral part of the curriculum rather than an ‘add-on.’ 

Homework: high impact based on very low cost based on limited evidence - EEF)

As a result, our independent learning tasks are based on evidence-informed strategies, currently used within the classroom, to develop students’ self regulation and metacognition skills  with reference to the EEF Metacognition and Self-regulation: Evidence Review, 2020.

Metacognition and Self Regulation: Evidence Review May 2020
Independent Learning at Beacon High


‘Beacon Edge’ - KS3 Independent Learning:

Alongside this, all KS3 student will be expected to completed tasks which are linked to our LORIC Curriculum:

- Leadership
- Organisation 
- Resilience 
- Initiative 
- Communication 

This is what we have named ‘Beacon Edge’. 

Each term students, in assemblies and during Tutor Time, will focus on a different LORIC attribute. To support this, students will need to complete project-based tasks as a part of their independent learning, linked to their current LORIC focus. These projects range from creating posters, conducting research on a subject area of their choice to creating a cookbook for parents. 

Upon completion, students will qualify at three levels:

Level 1: PiXL Apprentice 
Level 2: PiXL Graduate
Level 3: PiXL Masters 

All students will begin on the Apprentice Level and work their way up to the Masters Level. Each student will also have a personal login for the PiXL Edge website, where there are hundreds of activities they can choose from to complete. After each task is completed, students will need to write a 100-word evaluation explaining what they will do and what they have completed, and then another 200 words to say what they have gained from completing it/engaging with the project.

Independent Learning: Beacon Edge
PiXL Edge Student Handbook
How to write your evaluation


Satchel One is a digital platform where students, parents and carers can check their child’s Behaviour points and Achievements. Any Independent Learning may be set on here. However, the expectation that learning is clearly outlined on your child’s individual subject Google Classrooms.

Students no longer need their individual login details as the site is paired with their Beacon High Gmail account. If parents would like to request a login, please email Pauline Tobierre, Assistant Headteacher, for a request which should include their child’s full name: pauline.tobierre@beaconhigh.org





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