Guides for Parents/Carers

Guides for Parents/Carers

At Beacon High we recognise the significant benefits that a working partnership between school and home can have on our students. We believe that there are three main

stakeholders in ensuring your child/our student reaches their full potential and, ultimately, leads a happy and successful life: parents/carers, students, school.

We all have a vital role to play towards their success and it is a team effort. At times it will not be easy, however working together to provide a supportive and calm environment will aid their development.

Building positive relationships is one key ingredient that we believe will help your child to achieve their potential.

In light of this, we have produced a number of summary guides to support you in your understanding of different aspects of our school including strategies to support your child with their progress. We hope that you find these guides useful and helpful. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

KS3 Top Tips For Remote Learning

Guides for Parents/Carers

Assessment Guides for Parents/Carers

To support you when discussing your child's progress, attainment and commitment to learning, we have written two short guides: one for KS3 and one for KS4. These guides include details about how your child's target grades have been created, as well as other important information that should be discussed each time you receive a 'Progress Report' from us.

The reports that you receive will provide you with an overview of your child’s progress towards their end of KS4 target grade (KS3) or teacher prediction (KS4), their progress towards their end of Year 11 target in each of the subjects they study, as well as their ‘Commitment to Learning’ (C2L) grade for each subject.

The report you receive will also include details about your child’s attendance, numbers of negative behaviour points, numbers of positive achievement points and their average commitment to learning grade from across all subjects.

Our aspiration is for all students to achieve a minimum of C2L Grade 4 across all subjects. This will give each student a much better opportunity to achieve their targets by the end of Year 11.

Moving forward, you will receive termly reports (three times per year) and the reports will also include two targets for your child to improve on, in order to make positive progress. These targets will be focused on the C2L descriptors and skills.

There will, of course, continue to be opportunities to meet with teachers and other colleagues at Parents’ Evenings, Settling in Evenings in Y7 and 10 and Academic Planning and Review Days. Please bring along any questions to these events and we are more than happy to support and answer any questions that you may have.

We hope that the attached guides prove useful.

GCSE Reforms for Parents

KS3 Parent Guide to DataKS4 Parent Guide to Data


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