Year 9

Year 9

Year 9 Options

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are now at that important time in your child’s school career when a choice has to be made about the subjects they are to study during Years 10 and 11.

This booklet is designed to help you and your child make an informed decision about the courses they will follow.

We are committed to providing a curriculum which will:

  •  meet individual needs and aspirations
  •  be broad, challenging and motivating
  •  prepare students for a positive role in the future

Some subjects require coursework or controlled assessments to be submitted at regular intervals.  It should be understood that failure to submit coursework could lead to disqualification from an examination preventing a grade being awarded in that subject.  We ask parents/carers to assist us by ensuring that your child meets any deadlines set and that the work that your child does truly reflects their ability at all times.

Some things to consider with your child:

  • Some students say that they like a subject when they are really motivated by a belief that it is easy or doesn’t require much work. However, no subject or qualification is easy and your child will have to work hard in all subjects to get a good qualification.
  • Some choose a subject to stay in the same class as friends, but timetabling is complex and there is no guarantee that your child and their friends will be allocated the same subject or be in the same group.
  • Another reason students choose a particular subject is because they like the teacher but again timetabling and the possibility of staff changes mean they may get taught by a different teacher.  Students should be confident that they will enjoy the subject no matter who teaches it.

Please ensure you attend the Options Evening with your child on Wednesday 5th February, where your child will be given their activation code to complete their On-Line Options Form.  

You can access the online options form via: www.sims-options.co.uk

Year 9 Options Booklet

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