Student Voice & Leadership

Student Voice & Leadership

At Beacon High we expect all our students to be leaders of their own learning and promote positive change in our school community. Leading student voice in the school, we have seven Headteacher’s Ambassadors. These students have demonstrated commitment to the school community, being active participants in the academic and cultural life of the school and role models for others. The Head’s Ambassadors meet regularly with members of the leadership team to discuss how together we achieve our vision for our school.

Senior Students play a vital role in our student leadership team. These students are positive role models, exemplifying the best behaviour and commitment to learning; leading by example with their smart appearance and excellent attendance and punctuality. These students undertake planned roles and responsibilities around the school and in doing so develop their leadership skills.

As part of the Smart Schools Council network, all of our students regularly take part in the democratic process through an online class meeting tool during designated Tutor Time lessons. Through this, every student is given the opportunity to have their voice heard on issues around school. Students and teachers can see the results of all votes come in live and decide on action points to make these decisions a reality. In addition, students are able to form action teams on the issues that matter most to them, so long as they have a teacher’s signature to sponsor them to ensure it is appropriate. Action teams can be proposed / created around a diverse range of issues, so far this year we have had students interested in creating a fancy dress charity event; LGBTQ and allies’ events; improving halal food and decreasing our reliance on non-reusable plastics.

At Beacon High we have a fantastic culture of sportsmanship and we offer all students the chance to become a Sports Leader.  Using the medium of sport, students learn the essential skills of leadership including communication, organisation and how to motivate and inspire others.  In so doing students grow in confidence and self-belief, preparing them for future careers and life itself. Beacon High Sports Leaders coach younger students from Beacon High in addition to local primary school children. Sports Leaders also lead a number of primary school Sports Days and events.

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